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2021 Virtual MEFOMP Medical Physics Conference

MEFOMP is organising the 2021 Virtual Medical Physics Conference, from 5 to 7 April 2021. This event aims to enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals in various aspects of medical physics by providing state-of-the-art and up-to-date developments in the profession.

This conference is offering a series of diverse continuing education lectures in medical physics and medical radiation applications. Our prospective audience include medical physicists, radiologists, oncologists, clinical scientists, radiological technologists, nurses, radiochemists, radiation therapists and biomedical engineers.

This conference is sponsored by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and endorsed by several leading national and international institutions such as the EFOMP, AFOMP, IOMP and other prestigious professional societies. These concerted and integrated efforts will enable us to strengthen the overall program for this scientific event.

The Organizing Committee would like to invite all medical physicists and other health professionals to participate in this conference.

For registration please click on the below link:

mefomp_poster.pdf MEFOMP Poster.pdf  (1.3 MB)

February 11th 2021
mefomp reporter


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