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Middle East Federation of Organization of Medical Physics

Middle East Federation of Organizations of Medical Physics

Current Council

Current council (2022-2025)

The officers 1- President-elect: Meshari AlNuaimi  ----------------------------- Kuwait 2- Past President: Huda ALNaemi ----------------------------------- Qatar 3- Vice President: Mohammad...

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, the Immediate Past President, and three Council Members to be elected by the above mentioned...

Newsletter and website

This Committee is responsible for the development and the administration of the MEFOMP website and the MEFOMP Newsletter.

Education and Training Committee (ETC)

The mission of ETC is to promote activities related to education and training of MEFOMP medical physicists for the purpose of improving the quality of medical services for patients in the region...

Science Committee (SC)

The mission of the SC is to promote collaboration in scientific research and exchange of scientific information and materials between MEFOMP medical physicists through communications, publication,...

Professional Relations Committee (PRC)

The mission of the PRC is to promote the professional relations, status and recognition of the medical physics profession in MEFOMP countries. Members of the PRC are appointed by its Chairman, the...

Women in Medical Physics Committee

The mission of Women in Medical Physics Committee is to popularize the role of the women in medical physics and encourage female medical physicist to advance in the profession. Also promote the...

Awards and Honours Committee

The mission of Awards and Honors Committee is to administer the awards and honors program of the organization for different MEFOMP and IOMP awards and recommendation to the EXCOM for...

Publications Committee

The mission of Publications Committee is to improve medical physics in the region by providing or supporting appropriate publications or knowledge generated because of research, education, and...

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