The Palestine Medical Physics Society (PMPS) was established in 2014. The number of Medical Physicists are 9 as of year 2017.


Kuwait Association for Medical Physics (KAMP) officially became a member of IOMP in 2016.


In 2005, Ibrahim Duhaini and other physicists organized a conference for Radiation Protection and Safety in collaboration with IAEA in Beirut. A new committee called Medical Exposures Control...


Oman Medical Physics Association (OMPA) officially became a member of IOMP in Nov 2018. The current officers in the OMPA are Dr. Afkar Al-Farsi (President), Ms. Zakiya Al-Rahbi (Vice-President),...


The Qatar Medical Physics Society QaMPS was established in 2009, but no official status has been granted to this society yet.  The president of this society is Dr Huda AlNaemi is also the Vice...

Saudi Arabia

A group of Saudi Medical Physicists formed an establishing committee in order to start a MP society. After tremendous work and effort, this committee started by organizing the First Conference of...
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