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A new book about Leadership in Medical Physics

Dr Carmel Caruana has just publish a new book about Leadership in Medical Physics , the book can be considered as the first book addressing Strategic and Robust Leadership in Medical Physics.

Dr Carmel Caruana was main Speakers in the MEFOMP Medical Physics conference in Kuwait 26-28 January 2020 to lecturing in the same subject

The book will stimulate much needed discussion regarding current professional issues and help develop strong strategic leaders for the Medical Physics profession. The education and training of robust leaders has become essential to the well-being and further development of this profession; strategic and robust leadership is important for all professions but becomes critical for small professions such as Medical Physics.

1. What is strategic and robust leadership, and why is it critical for Medical Physics in the present environment?
2. A strategic planning primer for Medical Physics leaders
3. Internal STRENGTHS of Medical Physics
4. Internal WEAKNESSES of Medical Physics
5. External environmental OPPORTUNITIES for Medical Physics
6. External environmental THREATS for Medical Physics
7. Healthy leadership and leadership styles
8. Organizational Psychology (also known as Occupational Psychology)
9. Organizational Politics – learning to play the political game
10. Negotiating skills for the Medical Physics leader

As a group Medical Physicists are excellent scientists and healthcare professionals. Indeed, our exceptional education and training in physics, mathematics, medical devices, radiation and other physical agents and information technology has made us what we are today - a highly successful profession that has changed the face of healthcare. Every day we save lives by ensuring the clinically-effective, safe and efficient use of sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic devices which are marvels of modern technology. As a profession we are mindful of the importance of what we do for the well-being of patients and others. We take our work with the required probity, commitment and devotion. Our education and training curricula are up there with the very best.
On the other hand, our education and training programmes provide little experience in how to deal with the real world issues facing us when we move from the relative security of our academic physics departments to the realities of modern, large, complex healthcare organizations.  In a highly-competitive world of austerity economics, hospitals have been in many instances converted from what they should be that is humane, equitable, patient-oriented enterprises into shopping malls for healthcare services. The healthcare industry whilst extolling the virtues of inter-professional teamwork has been reduced from a richly stimulating, intellectually satisfying multi-professional environment to a battleground where ‘role-development’ is not based on innovative thinking and a soul-fulfilling endeavour towards improved patient services nor indeed mutual inter-professional respect but in some cases nothing else but a work environment plagued with covert attempts at poaching the role of others by any means possible, however unethical. The challenges to the profession arising from these negative characteristics of present healthcare organizations need to be acknowledged and countered by the profession if we are to be significant players in the healthcare environment of the future. With this book, I hope to provoke much needed discussion and debate and to encourage more Medical Physicists to devote some of their quality time to these and other highly relevant issues. These challenges need to be addressed in the same way that we address all our Medical Physics problems: we need to analyse them, research them and solve them.  To do this, we need strategic and robust leaders who are well-prepared to take on these tasks, who do not only aim to preserve the gains of the past but can push the profession to new heights. However, such leaders need to be educated and trained and the resources for this simply do not exist.  I am hoping that this book will be a first solid attempt at addressing this lacuna in our education and training.

This book will help you become a strategic and robust leader. However, please keep in mind that no book will turn you into a leader – ultimately YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOURSELF ONE. We are a highly intelligent group, we have excelled as clinical scientists – I am very confident that we can excel in leadership too provided we give it the quality attention it deserves.

The book can download the FULL first chapter from here: 
It has been published as part of the IPEM–IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology.


IPEM members can download it for free for a limited time only (see instructions on how to do this below, follow instructions to the latter or it will not work).

April 30th 2020
mefomp reporter


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