AFOMP Special Issue Newsletter on the 20th Anniversary

AFOMP Special Issue Newsletter on the 20th Anniversary

AFOMP was founded on 28 May 2000, as a celebration for the 20th anniversary. AFOMP issued a special issue of the AFOMP newsletter on this occasion.

The newsletter contain messages for AFOPMs members from different organizations and leaders , such as AFOMP President, AFOMP Vice President, AFOMP Secretory General, AFOMP Founding President, AFOMP Past President, AFOMP Immediate Past President, IUPSEM President, IUPSEM Vice President, IOMP President, IOMP Vice President, AAPM President, ALFIM President, EFOMP President, FAMPO President, SEAFOMP President and IAEA DMRP.

It also contains a message from MEFOMP President to congratulate all AFOMP Colleagues for the 20th anniversary of the organization.

The message mentioned that "AFOMP had a hard work and success during the last 20 years which inspires us in Middle East area to do the same thing, your teamwork in our science has great success to promote medical physics science in Asia and reflected to other part of the world "

The special issue of the AFOMP newsletter is attached

May 28th 2020
mefomp reporter


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