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Call for Applications for the Master of Advanced studies in Medical Physics ICTP Jan 2025 to Dec 2026

MEFOMP encourages the young medical physicist to apply for the Master's Program in Medical Physics (MMP), which run jointly by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and the University of Trieste, Italy.

The MMP will be held from 1 January 2025 until 31 December 2026 leading to an Advanced Studies Master’s Degree in Medical Physics. The first year is spent in Trieste while the second year is dedicated to clinical training in a hospital of the training network. Courses are held in English.        

The program is designed to provide young promising M.Sc. graduates in physics or equivalent with post-graduate training suitable to be recognized as Clinical Medical Physicists in their countries

Application is open and deadline is 15 April 2024  
For more information and to apply please visit the below link:   
Attached PDF Poster

MEFOMP would like to inform you that the Arab Fund is also supporting the Associate programme of ICTP.
The deadline for applications is the 29th of February
click below link for more information.
(https://www.ictp.it/opportunity/ictp-arab-fund-associates )


February 7th 2024
mefomp reporter


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