Dr Hanan Al Aldossari winner of IDMP 2019 for MEFOMP

As every year the IOMP select the IDMP winners from each region, Dr Hanan Al Aldossari from Kuwait was awarded the IOMP IDMP Award 2019 for the Middle East Region (MEFOMP)

Dr Hanan Al Aldossari winner of IDMP 2019 for MEFOMP

Dr Hanan Aldossari is one of the first clinical medical physicist in Kuwait and has been practicing her profession for long time. She has made valuable contributions for patient safety in nuclear medicine procedures as a medical physicist and as the Head of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety Officer Unit at Jabeer AlAhmad center for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.


Dr Aldossari is Chair of the Women in Medical Physics Committee in MEFOMP 2018-2021. Previously she was the Chair of Honors and Award Committee in MEFOMP 2015-2018. She is the Vice president of Kuwait Association for Medical Physics.


Dr Aldossari is very active on the Regional and International level in medical physics promoting and strengthening the role of women in Medical Physics specially in the Middle East Region.

November 18th 2019
mefomp reporter


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