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Dr. Hassan Kharita winner of IOMP IDMP award

As every year, International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP) announces a special award for the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) for 1 (one) candidate for each federation. However, each federation need to nominate 3 (three) candidates where the award committee of IOMP to review and select the winner of this award.


The result for this year was announced officially on 6th November 2020 by the award committee of the IOMP through the scientific secretary and the award for the year 2020 from MEFOMP region goes to Dr. Hassan Kharita.


Dr. Kharita has vast experience in the medical physics field as radiation safety expert, he worked in different countries and he was managing the radiation protection training programme in Syria before he joined IAEA as a radiation safety consultant. He has a lot of international collaborations and he published large number of scientific publications.


MEFOMP congratulate Dr. Hassan and wishing him more success in his professional career.

November 7th 2020
mefomp reporter


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