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Middle East Federation of Organizations of Medical Physics


A. Bahrain Meeting: Nov 07
After the ISEP-2007 conference was adjourned, 12 members representing six ME countries and AAPM organized a meeting to discuss the status of Medical Physics in the region and what International organizations like AAMP and IOMP would do to help in promoting this field. The meeting started by brief explanation from the countries’ delegates about their local physics societies and the problems each one is facing. Some of the important points this meeting achieved was submitting request to IOMP for initiation of ME chapter since there was at least three established societies requested so. Also, all members agreed to carry out meetings among local societies to enhance the image of MP and to show its crucial role among hospitals, administration and physicians.


B. Dubai Meeting: April 08
During a poster session at the 16th International Conference on Medical Physics held in Dubai on April 2008, Dr. Barry Allen, IOMP President, called on for a meeting for all physics delegates representing ME countries to talk about the progress of establishing the chapter. In that meeting, every delegate sighed the “Motion of Intent” which states that:

“The undersigned agree to inform their national societies of an invitation to form the Middle East Federation of Medical Physics (MEFOMP) for the purpose of supporting the development of Medical Physics in the region. Following SEAFOMP, EFOMP, and AFOMP the IOMP encourages the formation of this regional federation.”

After that, communication line was established to include all countries in the Middle East to join this chapter.

Source: I. Duhaini, Medical Physics Status in the Middle East Countries (163)




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