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IDMP 2021 Celebration in IOMP and Regional Federations

This year, IOMP’s adopted theme is “Communicating the Role of Medical Physicists to the Public”.  The main aim behind adopting this theme is to educate the public about our role as leaders in the field specifying that Medical Physicists do the following:
  1. Take the lead in optimizing the use of radiation to treat cancer.
  2. Estimate radiation doses from radiological imaging procedures.
  3. Teach doctors, radiological technologists and nurses about the radiations used in imaging and treatment.
  4. Are responsible for radiation safety of patients and staff.
  5. Understand newer imaging and therapy technologies and train others to use them.
MEFOMP is celebrating IDMP this year in Doha, Qatar in cooperation with the LOCAL Medical Physics Society QaMPS and invited guests, India is celebrating this occasion by organizing Virtual Conference on Radiation Applications in Medicine, in the same day (7 November 2021) German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is hosting a Virtual International day of Medical Physics 2021 and IOMP is organizing a webinar on IDMP 2021: Communicating the Role of Medical Physicists to Public on 7TH Nov 2021 at 12 pm GMT.
The registration can be done through below link:


The webinar details are as follows:
Organizer: Madan Rehani, President, IOMP.
Moderators: Madan Rehani and Ibrahim Duhaini.
Speakers: Professor Joan Leach Director, Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, The Australian National University (ANU) and Jeanne Erdmann , Award winning health and science journalist , and Peter Rickwood , Executive Director, Atomic Reporters, Vienna, Austria.
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November 3rd 2021
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