IOMP CPD accreditation for the MEFOMP Virtual Conference

The IOMP Accreditation Board assesses the quality of medical physics program of the MEFOMP 2021 Virtual Medical Physics Conference, 5-7 April 2021 and ensured that the program satisfy the highest standards established by IOMP.

Therefore, the IOMP has just issued the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation for this MEFOMP Virtual Conference and the participants will earn 15 IOMP CPD points.

It is important to mention that this Conference is also endorsed by IOMP and the following Regional Medical Physics Organizations:
1. Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (AFOMP)
2. The European Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (EFOMP)
3. The Federation of African Medical Physics Organizations (FAMPO)
MEFOMP hopes that all medical physicists and health professional in the region will attend this event and make used of the CPD points in the development of their carrier.

February 27th 2021
mefomp reporter


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