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IOMP Honorary Membership MIOMP (Hon) 2021

MEFOMP is pleased to publish the announcement of the IOMP Honorary Membership MIOMP (Hon) 2021. This award aims to recognize significant contributions to the objectives of the IOMP by persons who are not practicing Medical Physicists themselves.
The award consists of an IOMP Certificate and the permission to use the designation MIOMP(Hon) after their name. The award will be announced in eMedical Physics World.
Criteria for selection include: Significant contributions to IOMP's goals and contribution to advancement of medical physics recognition or practice.
Potential fellows can be nominated by officers of IOMP and IOMP council members. Nominations should be sent by 11 October 2021.   Please see attached announcement for further details.

July 26th 2021
mefomp reporter


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