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Jabber Al Ahmed center in Kuwait celebration for IDMP 2021

The medical physics unit at Jabber Al Ahmed center for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Kuwait celebrated the international day of Medical Physics ( 1DMP ) 2021.

The aim of the event was to introduce students to the medical physics and encourage them to specialize in this field.

The head of the molecular imaging department started the celebration with congratulating the medical physics unit for the third year continuously of having the Earl certificates for the PET/CT machines. The program of the day began with opening of an exhibition of the main devices used in the medical physics unit for quality control radiation detection devices and NEMA phantom introductory brochures on medical physics, its branch and tasks were also distributed.

A tour was made for the student from the college of science and the college of allied health at Kuwait university, and the student from the public authority for applied education and training. The tour included patient injection rooms, hot lab PET/CT and SPET/CT imaging area, patient waiting area radioactive waste store and the cyclotron unit.

Then, an introductory lecture on medical physics the most important tasks performed by the medical physics, and brief about the international organization of medical physics (IOMP) , the Middle East Federation Organization of medical physics the Kuwait association of medical physics and the women committee.

At the end, brochures, chocolate, souvenirs with special logo represent the IDMP, and gift with MEFOMP logo was distributed to all students, visitors and staff.

Knowing that the media office in the Kuwait ministry of health covered the event lively through the official sites like Instagram, twitter, snap, and website. Also, the news of the event was published in the state television and the official newspapers. On the other hand, Dr. Hanan Aldousari , Head of Medical Physics Unit and the Vice President of  Kuwait Medical Physics Society was hosted on a radio program “ Kuwait plus “.

November 15th 2021
mefomp reporter


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