KAMPS to organize Conference in Recent Advancement in Radiation Medicine

The inherent properties of ionizing radiation provide many benefits but can also cause potential harm. Its use within medical practice thus involves an informed judgment regarding the risk/benefit ratio. This judgment requires not only medical knowledge, but also an understanding of radiation itself. Since Medical Physicists is essential member in the Radiation in Medicine Science, Medical Physics Societies promoting the Recent Advancement in Radiation Medicine.

KAMPS to organize Conference in Recent Advancement in Radiation Medicine

Kuwait Association of Medical Physics (KAMPS) in cooperation with the middle East Federation of Medical Physics (MEFOMP) and Kuwait foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) is organizing the Recent Advancement in Radiation Medicine Conference which will be held in Kuwait City from 26 – 28 January 2020, the committee chaired by Dr. Meshari Al Nuaimi, Chair of KAMPS and vice-Chair of MEFOMP. 

Dr. Huda Al Naemi current president of MEFOMP will be co-heading the conference with a lecture titled “Medical Physics in Middle East Countries - Status and Future Directions”. Other members from MEFOMP ExCom who will be taking part as speakers include Dr. Abdullah Alhaj - Past President, Dr. Hassan Kharita – General Secretary, Dr. Rabih Hammoud – Treasurer in addition to international speakers from Malta Prof. Caramel J Caruana and Dr. Madan Rehani - IOMP President.

MEFOMP encourages all the Medical Physicists from the region to attend this upcoming event.

January 19th 2020
mefomp reporter


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