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MEFOMP Executive Committee Virtual Meeting

At the beginning of Oct 2020, and after months of freezing the meeting due to Covid 19 and crisis, MEFOMP ExeCom organized a virtual meeting for the members w/c called by the Secretary General, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Kharita.
The meeting started by Dr. Huda Al Naemi, MEFOMP President welcoming everyone and making sure that Medical Physicist teams are taking all precautions to keep themselves and their staff healthy and well. She also took the opportunity to congratulate the 14 winners of MEFOMP award “MEFOMP Award for Best Medical Physicist during Covid 19”.
The ExeCom members discussed the publications from most of the countries in regards of their contributions as Medical Physicists and their challenges to Covid 19. The Secretary General also announced that all these articles published in the website for the contributions will be gathered and will be a book chapter in future publication with Prof. Taylor n Francis which is a special Monograph on Medical Physicist contributions during Covid 19.
The committee also discussed a proposal from Dr. Refaat Al Mazrou, Chairman of Education Committee to run several MEFOMP webinars on chosen topics to be decided later. The proposal has been welcomed by all the members and approved by the ExeCom committee. Dr. Hanan Al Dosairi, Mr. Nabil Iqeilan and Dr. Rabih Al Hamoud updated the committee about the Women Committee, Newsletter and budget respectively.
The meeting closed with everybody willing to have continuous communication between the MEFOMP ExeCom and Medical Physicist Communities of each countries to promote the Medical Physicist as a Profession. Dr. Huda as the President again encouraged everyone to take the precautions and keep the continuous education carried on while attending the International e-learning courses and webinars which are being organized by the International Organizations such as IAEA and IOMP.


October 5th 2020
mefomp reporter


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