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MEFOMP First Newsletter

I am excited to announce the issuance of the first MEFOMP newsletter, the main purpose of this newsletter is to provide a communication forum for medical physics organizations and for medical physicists across Middle East.

MEFOMP First Newsletter
As you are aware, we have 12 national organizations which are currently members of MEFOMP, and together they represent more than 847 physicists working in the field of Medical Physics in the entire Region. Therefore, the newsletter committee would like to hear from you the developments in the medical physics field, in education and in training that are all relevant. Cross-border or international initiatives are particularly of interest, and these can be in any area of physics and engineering applied to medicine. Contributions in electronic form, including a photo of the author if possible.It should be sent to the chair of the Website & Newsletter Committee, Mr. Nabil Iqeilan at the email mefompnews@gmail.com .
You can register to receive this newsletter by email via the MEFOMP website. Please feel free to send in your comments and suggestions for further improvement of this newsletter.

We welcome all medical physicist from National Member Organizations who would like to assist with editing and developing the newsletter.

We hope you will enjoy reading MEFOMP newsletter and we look forward to hear from you.

December 31st 2018
Dr. Huda Al Naemi


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