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MEFOMP Radiation Therapy Instrumentation Workshop in Qatar, Sep. 2022

The Middle East Federation of Organizations of Medical Physics (MEFOMP) in conjunction with the Radiation Oncology Department at the National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR) at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Qatar Medical Physics Society (QaMPS) is pleased to announce the upcoming meeting, titled "Radiation Therapy Instrumentation Workshop", to be held in Doha, Qatar from the 22nd to the 24th of September, 2022. The course director, Dr. Rabih Hammoud, Chief Oncology Physicist, Radiation Oncology, NCCCR and the Treasurer of MEFOMP, emphasized the importance of having such a workshop to enhance medical practice in the region.

This event, being sponsored by Sedeer Medical as well as PTW, will host 13 participants from seven Middle East countries in addition to the local participants from Qatar. It will feature didactic sessions together with related hands-on demonstrations on the various essential tools and techniques utilized by Radiotherapy Physicists in their clinics.
The intent is to promote safe Radiotherapy Medical Physics practices in the Middle East by the dissemination of applied up-to-date knowledge and information from experienced local and international Physicists based on current international guidelines and protocols.

Highlights of the workshop will include the following topics:
  • An in depth look into the technical workings and theory behind various types of dosimetry equipment and the correct methodology needed to ensure accurate measurements.
  • The correct implementation of, and the theory behind, the patient specific quality assurance process. This will include a practical session during which attendees will have the opportunity to be directly involved.
  • A hands on session of on water tank measurements and data analysis for MV photons.
  • High dose rate Brachytherapy commissioning and Activity measurements.
The instrumentations of choice for small fields and FFF beams will also be covered.  This will include an in-depth look at the theory behind using specific types of instruments in such conditions

August 25th 2022
mefomp reporter


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