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MEFOMP Women committee issued the second edition of publication

As MEFOMP women committee chaired by Dr. Hanan Al Dousari issue a 1st booklet of publication in 2019 which was edited by number of women medical physicists in the region and distributed in different countries.


As a celebration for the IDMP 2020 women committee issued 2nd booklet of publication which is focused on effort and experience from women medical physicists during COVID – 19 which was challenging for all medical community including physicists. Women physicists bravely faced the epidemic accepting the risks by taking all precautions to protect themselves and their beloved ones.


The editor in chief Dr. Hanan introduced the publication by acknowledging the women committee and all women in the medical field for their courage and bravery. Therefore, Fatima Ayed Al-Rashidi contributed an article titled “Physics is the vaccine of life”. Dr. Huda Al Naemi, MEFOMP President also having a contribution about a women physicist from Qatar called Abeer who have a difficult time during the COVID-19 but never give up being a good physicist. Dr. Huda’s article was titled “Abeer… A Medical Physicists at the Heart of the CORONA Crisis”.


Ibtesam Al Maskari and Amaal AL Rasbi from Oman also highlighted women views on COVID-19 from Omani Medical Physicists. On the same page with Naema Al Maimani, Noura Al Makhmari, Amal Haji. However, article about Impact of COVID-19 in Lebanon women was edited by Dr. Zeina Al Khattar from Lebanon.


Article about medical physicist’s captain edited by Huda Hasan Alqahmani where Sarah Farhood from KSA “Highlighting women role during COVID-19 pandemic”. Also Taghreed Ayidh Alsulami contributed with an article titled “women in radiology department during COVID-19 in king Abdul aziz university hospital (KSA)”.


Ms. Hanan Youssef contributed with the scientific article in the publication, the article title is “Physicists test coronavirus particles against temperature and humidity”. Where Hanan Bashir contributed article “Joint safety precautions for patients of Iodine 131 treatment during COVID-19 pandemic”.


Both Arabic and English version for the mentioned publication can be found on the MEFOMP website.


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November 7th 2020
mefomp reporter


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