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As IOMP council members representing MEFOMP, Dr Huda AlNaemi and Dr Hassan Kharita were invited to attend the annual IOMP Council meeting which was held on 1 June 2021 from 12:00 to 15:00 GMT. The meeting was virtual using Zoom platform. They attend the meeting and Dr Hassan Kharita MEFOMP GS present the MEFOMP annual report for all, please see the attached report and presentation.
The agenda of the meeting was as follow :
Welcome and Introductory Remarks: Madan Rehani, President (1 min)
  1. President's Report (Madan Rehani 23+2 mins)
  2. Vice–President’s Report (John Damilakis – 2 mins)
  3. Past President’s Report (Slavik Tabakov – 2 mins)
  4. Secretary-General's Report (Eva Bezak – 2 mins)
  • Minutes of the 1st council meeting, Prague 2018 (Eva Bezak – 2 mins)
  • Minutes of the 2nd council meeting, Prague 2018 (Eva Bezak – 2 mins)
  • Minutes of IOMP General Assembly, Prague 2018 (Eva Bezak –  2 mins)
“Council approves minutes of the 1st and 2nd council meeting, Prague 2018” (2 mins)
Proposed by:
  1. Treasurer's Report: Financial report 2018- 2020 (Ibrahim Duhaini – 8 mins in total)           
“Council approves the Annual Accounts for 2018, 2019 and the year ending 31 December 2020”
Proposed by:
  • Budget for 2021 (Ibrahim Duhaini)
  1. Committee Reports (2 mins each – 20 mins in total)
  • Science Committee (Geoff Ibbott)
  • Professional Relations Committee (Yakov Pipman)        
  • Education and Training Committee (Arun Chougule)                                       
  • Publications Committee (Paolo Russo)
  • Awards and Honors Committee (Simone Kudlulovich)                    
  • Rules Committee - included in the IOMP Vice President’s report.
  • Medical Physics International (Slavik Tabakov)
  • eMPW (Magdalena Stoeva, includes 7.2)
  1. Subcommittee report (1-2 mins each – 12 mins in total)
  • IOMP Finance Sub-Committee (Ibrahim Duhaini)
  • IOMP Website Sub-Committee (included in item 6.8)
  • Women Sub-Committee (Magdalena Stoeva)
  • History Sub-Committee (Slavik Tabakov)
  • IUPESM Vice President report (Slavik Tabakov)
  • IComMP – included in the IOMP Vice President’s report
  • Other Reports IDMP, IMPW (with president’s report), IOMP Accreditation Board (Ibrahim Duhaini, Arun Chougule)
Motion: “Council approves the Reports from IOMP ExCom and committees/sub-committees 2019-2021”
Proposed by:
  1. IOMP Company Report (Madan Rehani – 5 mins in total)
Motion: “Council approves the IOMP Company Report”
Proposed by:
  1. Reports from the IOMP Regional Organizations – 3 to 4 min each including 1 min each for question, if any (30 mins in total)
  • EFOMP (Paddy Gilligan)
  • AFOMP (Arun Chougule)
  • SEAFOMP (Freddy Haryanto)
  • FAMPO (Chris Trauernicht)
  • MEFOMP (Mohammed Hassan Kharita)
  • AAPM/COMP (Jatinder Palta/Wayne Beckham)
  • Regional Coordination Board (Madan Rehani)
  1. Other Business (7 mins in total).
Only items already notified to the President or Secretary-General in advance shall be considered. Matters raised at the meeting will be considered at the discretion of the Chair.
  • The Association of Medical Physicists of Georgia – removal of the old NMO as per letter attached (for Council Approval) (Eva Bezak – 1 mins)
Motion: “Council approves the removal of the NMO status for the Association of Medical Physicists of Georgia” (2 mins)
Proposed by:
  • IDMP award (John Damilakis – 2 mins)
  • Clarification sought from an NMO regarding which IOMP activities are restricted to participation of Regional Organizations without participation of National Organizations, if any.   (Eva Bezak - 2 mins)
  1. Close of Meeting

June 3rd 2021
mefomp reporter


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