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MEFOMP participated on The 4th International Forum on Advances in Radiation Physics (IFARP)

International Forum on Advances in Radiation Physics (IFARP-4), 27-31, March 2022 is being organized by the standing committee on radiation protection at King Saud University. The Forum will be held at King Saud University, located in the heart of Riyadh City, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IFARP4 focuses on the future while also recognizing the considerable advances made in radiation sciences over the several decades since IRPS aimed to promote the interdisciplinary subject of radiation physics, including the fundamentals, application, and implications. The meeting sessions will include invited lectures by leading experts in their fields, contributed oral papers, and poster presentations of contributed papers.

Attendees will have an opportunity to share ideas on the underpinning interactions, the uses of radiation in research, and applications in a great many fields such as biomedical applications of radiation, Monte Carlo methods and models, radiation in environmental sciences, detection of threat material, and contraband, radiation protection, shielding and dosimetry, radiation effects on materials, radiation detection and measurements, and other related topics. Regarding participation in IFARP-4, the Advisory, Programme, and Organizing Committees are all at one in strongly encouraging the participation of young colleagues, postdocs, Ph.Ds, MScs, other post-graduates, and undergraduate students.
MEFOMP representatives Dr. Meshari AlNuaimi and Dr. Huda Al Naemi shared their expertise by giving lectures about “Personalized Dosimetry in LU177 Radionuclide Therapy” and “Status of Medical physics in the Middle East Countries” respectively.

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March 9th 2022
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