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MEFOMP participation in IOMP webinar

International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP) special webinar organized on IDMP under the theme of “Medical Physicists on Health Professional”. Dr. Madan Rehani, President of IOMP and the organizer of the webinar requested the participation for all the local federations in this webinar where MEFOMP responded to the request.
Dr. Hassan Kharita from Qatar participated in the webinar with the presentation highlighting statics about the Middle East Federation of Organization of Medical Physicists (MEFOMP) countries. It was a positive involvement from MEFOMP to share information and experience with our colleagues from the other federations under the umbrella of International Organization of Medical Physicist (IOMP).
The webinar was moderated by Dr. Madan Rehani and attended by.
  • IAEA: Ola Holmberg, Giorgia Loreti
  • Ibrahim Duhaini, IOMP
  • Ad Maas, Europe, EFOMP
  • Hassan Kharita, Middle-East, MEFOMP
  • Sandra Guzman, Latin America, ALFIM
  • Taofeeq Ige, Africa, FAMPO
  • Arun Chougule, Asia, AFOMP
  • Freddy Haryanto, South East Asia, SEAFOMP

November 12th 2020
mefomp reporter


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