MEFOMP presented in 24th International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP)

MEFOMP presented in 24th International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP)
The 24th International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP) was held in Santiago, Chile on 8-11 September 2019. This was the 8th Latin American Congress of Medical Physics and 2nd Chilean Congress of Medical Physics. ICMPs of IOMP are held in between the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. 

The MEFOMP team lead by Dr. Huda Al Naemi (President of MEFOMP) and Dr. Hassan Kharita (Secretary General MEFOMP) has participated with several posters and presentations in the conference which have had influenced the conference attendees by MEFOMP current activities and future plans that will contribute to the training and education of physicists in the region.

The educational sessions were highly enriching with knowledge and experience sharing by experts that creates for you golden opportunity to learn from several decades of collective experience of experts in the field. 

Though there was vast coverage of the medical physics field as a whole in its application to radiological sciences (Radiotherapy, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine Imaging), there was important coverage of professional issues, education and training and connected areas of physics applications in non-radiological sciences. 

There was participation of the international organizations like International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO). 
The conference showed how medical physicists are getting involved in non-traditional areas and are playing indispensable role. This will help colleagues in various countries to diversify and extend their roles to areas where it has not so far.

September 19th 2019
mefomp reporter


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