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New IOMP accreditation of medical physics E&T activities

MEFOMP is happy to announce the new IOMP accreditation of medical physics education and training activities (such as degree programs, medical physics education and training institutions/centers and education and training events). Initially its work will be limited to accreditation of postgraduate degree courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. The IOMP Accreditation Board will develop guidelines and policies in the future to accredit residencies, conferences and other education and training events.
Accreditation is how IOMP assesses the quality of medical physics postgraduate degree programs and CPD courses and keeps the medical physics community informed. The IOMP Accreditation Board has been set up to ensure that accredited medical physics programs satisfy the highest standards established by IOMP in collaboration with other international organizations.
Benefits of IOMP accreditation:
  • Enhanced reputation of accredited programs and courses which will result in more demand for these education and training activities.
  • Provision of an international dimension to an education event that will attract participants from other countries.
  • Evidence of the highest teaching standards and best preparation of medical physicists for the work environment.
  • Publication of accredited programs and courses on the IOMP website.
The manual, application forms and relevant details can be found on IOMP website https://www.iomp.org/accreditation/

May 18th 2022
mefomp reporter


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