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New MEFOMP Officers

The new Officers and committee chairs were elected and all the members of the EXECOM will officially take their office in November 2018 at the MEFOMP Conference in Kuwait. The leadership of Dr Huda Al-Naemi in MEFOMP as vice president has been exceptionally unprecedented with her dedication and commitment. Her leadership as president will contribute immensely to the well-being of medical physicists in our region.

New MEFOMP Officers
The new MEFOMP officers and committee chairs are as follows:
President - Huda Al Naemi
Vice President - Meshari Al Naemi
Secretary General - Hassan Kharita
Past President - Abdalla Al Haj
Treasurer - Rabih Hammoud
Educaion and Training - Refat Al Mazrou
Science Committee - Adnan Al Watban
Professional Relations - Zeina Elbalaa
Publications - Anas Abasneh
Awards and Honours - Afkar Al Farsi
Website & Newsletter - Nabil Iqellian
Women Medical Physics Committee - Hanan Al Dossari

August 5th 2018
Meraj Mohammed


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