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New Master Program in Medical Physics in Khalifa University - UAE

MEFOMP is pleased to announce that a New Master of Science in Medical Physics started in Khalifa University, the program contains in-depth knowledge and practical experience to educate and train qualified medical physicists in the areas of diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and radiation protection. The program aims at fulfilling the needs of the country for competent medical physics practitioners. Students will utilize modelling, computer simulation and experimental techniques as tools to analyze and understand different phenomena and processes. Graduates of the MSc will have acquired the advanced level of knowledge and experience to assume a career in hospitals, in industry and government, as well as continuing their studies to the Doctorate level.
Khalifa University will offer full scholarships to all admitted applicants.
For more information: https://www.ku.ac.ae/program/msc-in-medical-physics

This new Master’s program was recently approved by the UAE ministry of higher education after external review by current and old members of CAMPEP committees.

MEFOMP congratulate Khalifa university for the new Master and encourages graduate medical physicists to take this opportunity.

February 2nd 2022
mefomp reporter


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