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New issue of the Arabic Radiation Protection and Safety Bulletin in Syria

MEFOMP is pleased to announce the issuance of the quarterly newsletter (March 2023) of the Radiation Protection and Safety of Radioactive Sources Bulletin, which is prepared by a group of specialists in the Protection and Safety Department of the Syrian Atomic Energy Authority within the framework of its continuous efforts to promote and raise the level of radiation protection culture in all applications, especially in medical radiation exposures.

This issue focuses specifically on medical physics and radiation safety and includes: 
  • IAEA Safety Report No. 117 of 2023: Regulatory Control of Exposure from Radionuclides in Building and Construction Materials
  • Convention for the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials of 1979 and its Amendment of 2005
  • Monitoring Occupational Exposure to Radon
  • Verification of the radiation dose distribution in external radiation treatment using the OCTAVIUS D4 phantom
This scientific bulletin can be viewed electronically at the following link:

April 5th 2023
mefomp reporter


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