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New program of Master of Science degree in Medical Physics in Yarmouk University

The Physics Department at Yarmouk University in Jordan has started this fall of 2020 a new graduate program offering a Master of Science degree in Medical Physics. The program is offered in collaboration with King Hussein Cancer Center and the study plan has been reviewed by local and international organizations including MEFOMP to meet a high level of accreditation standards.  

 The core curriculum includes courses in radiation physics, health physic, nuclear medicine, medical imaging, radiotherapy, and physiology.   The program offers two tracks: a thesis track with emphasis on conducting a scientific research and a non-thesis track with emphasis on practical clinical training.  This fall, eleven applicants were accepted to the program, one from Iraq and 10 from Jordan.  Applicant for the Master program in Medical Physics should hold an undergraduate degree in Physics, Engineering, or related scientific fields with good standings. All interested applicants should apply on-line in mid-July through the university’s website www.yu.edu.jo .

By : Dr. Anas Ababneh

December 7th 2020
mefomp reporter


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