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QaMPS Organizes Awareness Week for Safe Use of Lasers in Healthcare Facilities

The Qatar Medical Physics Society (QaMPS) organized awareness week for the safe use of lasers in HMC healthcare facilities from 10 to 14 April. Dr. Huda AL Naemi, president of QaMPS said that lasers have a very wide range of applications in various fields including medical applications, such as the use of lasers in general and eye surgery in addition to its essential role in treating skin diseases, physiotherapy, and its use in Aesthetic surgery and medicine.“Despite the important role that laser plays in the medical field, lasers can pose a risk to both the user and the patient due to the large and intense energy laser rays carry, that may cause damage to the eyes and burns to the skin in addition to the risk of fires when directed at flammable materials. The risk associated with lasers makes it necessary to observe appropriate protection measures and apply them correctly in accordance with international standards,” added Dr. Al Naemi.
Dr. Omar Bobes, Medical Physicist and Laser Safety Officers said that the awareness week activities will include educational booths for staff at a number governmental hospitals, The booths served as platforms to provide healthcare workers with health tips and information on safety measures for the use of laser applications for diagnostic and treatment purposes, such as wearing protective laser goggles, ensuring absence of flammable materials, and paying attention to warning signs when using laser beams in treatment rooms.
In addition, the awareness week activities will address the criteria for evaluating the safe use of lasers in healthcare facilities. The activities included distribution of brochures, as well as posters and video presentations on the safe use of lasers in healthcare settings. 

April 18th 2022
mefomp reporter


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