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QaMPS organized a Workshop in CT optimization and dose management

Qatar Medical Physics Society (QaMPS) in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently hold a workshop in optimization and dose management for CT.

Dr. Mannudeep Kalra Director for MGH’s Webster Center for Advanced Research and Education in Radiation based in Boston,USA, was the main speaker in the workshop which is aimed not only to reduce the doses for CT patients, but to improve the quality of the service in CT which include the dose and the protocols as well. Dr. Kalra shared his experience from MGH with the Radiologists and Senior Technologists in HMC. The workshop was attended by 50 staff from different specialties related to CT, it is worthy to mention that HMC have 18 CT scanners plus 1 portable scanner which are located in CT facilities within HMC hospitals. Dr. Shady Al Khazzam and Dr. Iaonnis Tsalafutas ( HMC medical physicists ) also shared their experiences as speakers in the workshop, the feedback was highly positive from all attendees.

December 15th 2019
mefomp reporter


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