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Results of MEFOMP Election for the new ExCom 2022-2025

The external tellers for the MEFOMP election Prof. John Damilakis (Vice president and President-elect, IOMP) and Prof. Slavik Tabakov (Past President, IOMP) have announced the elections results as shown in the following list:

The officers
  1. Vice President: Mohammad Hassan Kharita ----- Syria
  2. Secretary-General: Refat Al Mazrou -------------- KSA
  3. Treasurer: Rabih Hammoud ------------------------ Lebanon

Chairs of Committees
  1. Science Committee: Mustafa Al-Musawi -------------------- Iraq
  2. Education and Training Committee: Riad Shweikani  -----Syria
  3. Professional relations Committee: Hitahm Kanan -------- Jordan
  4. Publications Committee: Habib Ashoor --------------------- Bahrain
  5. Awards and Honors Committee: Zakyia Alrahbi ----------- Oman
  6. Website and Newsletter Committee: Nabil Iqielan ------  Jordan
  7. Women in Medical Physics Committee: Roaa Sindi -------  KSA
In addition to the President and Past President that do not go through election:
The President-elect: Meshari AlNuaimi  ----------------------------- Kuwait
The Past President: Huda ALNaemi ----------------------------------- Qatar
The current MEFOMP ExCom would like to congratulate the winners and wish them all the success in their duties in the coming term 2022 -2025. The hand over will take place hopefully during the Nuclear Medicine Conference in Doha 17-19 March 2022.


January 18th 2022
mefomp reporter


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