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Train-the-Trainer Course for RPO in Beirut, Lebanon

The IAEA, in collaboration with the Lebanese Atomic Ener-gy Commission (LAEC), recently conducted The Regional Train-the-Trainers Course for Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs) of Medical and Industrial Facilities from 25-29 March 2019 in Beirut, Lebanon. The Train-the-Trainer Course was led by five experts from IAEA and was attend-ed by around 40 participants coming from 22 countries namely Bahrain, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cam-eroon, Cuba, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, KSA, Leba-non, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Papua, Singapore, Syria, UK, Vietnam, and Yemen.

The IAEA believes that availability of people with compe-tence in radiation safety is essential to guarantee radia-tion safety in its member states; and a strategic approach to help member states build competence in a sustainable way is through education and training in radiation, transport, and waste safety. As such, the train-the-trainer approach was established as part of RPO syllabus.

The course was designed to be interactive and an ample time was dedicated for participants’ presentations, wherein they were given chance to present technical topics. The course was conducted in two groups, one in English and one in Arabic.

The course provided participants with theoretical knowledge of roles, duties and competence of a Radia-tion Protection Officer in both medical and industrial facili-ties, as well as practical skills to design and deliver a train-ing sequence on technical topics; thus, equipping them to be future trainers of Radiation Protection Officers in their home countries.

July 11th 2019
mefomp reporter


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