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Winners of the MEFOMP Award for Best Medical Physicist during COVID19

As appreciation for hared work of the medical physicists in the region , MEFOMP ExCom have decided to give a special MEFOMP award under the title of "MEFOMP Award for Best Medical Physicist during COVID19" as a recognition for the good work of the winners during this crises and to highlight the Medical Physics community who played an important role during this pandemic COVID19.

This award recognizes and celebrates individuals who have played a crucial role during the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, it acknowledges their significant and outstanding contributions, which have led to improved outcomes for the health care system during this unprecedented time.

The award had been announced in the MEFOMP website by the end of July 2020 ,  and national MEFOMP Societies in the region have responded and sent their nominations and recommendations with a Appropriate justification for the nominated physicist to the President of MEFOMP and the Award and Honors Committee chair ,nominations were closed on 15 August 2020 and all nominations been reviewed .

The Award and Honors Committee is glad to announce that the winners of this award are as follows:
  1. Mr. Saif Ameer Rashid
  1. Mr. Haitham Kanan
  1. Mr Faisal Shenawy
  2. Ms Thekra Alshemmari
  1. Ms. Hanane Rima
  1. Ms. Fatma Al Hashmi
  2. Ms. Mahra Al Farsi
  3. Ms. Noura Al Makhmari
  1. Dr Sharif Hasan Ghithan
  1. Dr Mohammad Hassan Kharita 
  2. Dr Rabih Wafiq Hammoud 
Saudi Arabia
  1. Mr. Ahmed Nobah
  1. Dr Abdulkder Sadiyyah
  2. Dr.Anas ISMAIL
We are hoping that this crisis will soon be over and we would be able to continue with our daily lives. COVID-19 Pandemic will only be found in our history books , but the hared work for some of us , will not be forgettable , MEFOMP taking this opportunity to congratulate the winners from all countries and wish them and all Physicists a very good luck
Dr Afkar Al Farsi
Chair Award and Honors Committee

September 17th 2020
mefomp reporter

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