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Radiation Protection Training Course for Technicians

OHS Department organized Radiation Protection Training Course for Technicians held on 22 June 2019 in Bayt Al Dhiyafa, HBKMC, Doha.
Using of the diagnostic radiology services is common in most of the hospitals and medical centers in Qatar. The risk factor in working with radioactive sources (especially x-ray) is one of the most important factors that limit the spread of this technology (despite its importance).  Therefore, HMC observed urgent need to train staff on the conditions and requirements of radiation protection in accordance with the nature of the work and the expected risks
The radiation workers (including technologists and radiographers, etc.) dealing potentially with ionizing radiation, needs regular training courses about radiation protection. It’s mandatory to take radiation protection courses every two years for renew their license. Radiation courses are also mandatory for new staff. This course acquired a total of 4.5 CPD hours approved from QCHP and help the staff in their license renewal process.
Dr. Virginia Tsapaki, IAEA expert was the invited speakers from Greece and the workshop was attended by 105 participants.
At the end of this activity the participants were benefitted with the following: 
  • Good radiation protection knowledge.
  • Know how to reduce external radiation exposure
  • Be aware of the radiation patient safety.
  • Have resources to the Self-development in the field of radiation safety.
  • Know how to Comply with the international standards in radiation protection.

July 3rd 2019
mefomp reporter


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